May 6

Teaching and performing in Ukraine again!

Back in the U.S.S.R. Ukraine :)

Coming back to Ukraine in a month! Will be teaching a Turkish Roman workshop in Kiev, the my birth city and the next day performing at Aleksei Ryaboshapka crazy "East Ukraine" party in Donetsk! Preparing a new Roman set, crazy and fun to fit the occasion :) See you there!

Apr 18

Upcoming Workshops

This May in Jerusalem at the Bellydance Center Turkish style choreography with zills and a drum solo!

Mar 13

New class series in Tel Aviv!

Mar 13, 2012 16:05////

Squeeee! The flyer is done (getting faster in photoshop!), mails sent, fb event created, have several sign ups already from previous advertisements. Getting excited!

Feb 19

IV Oriental Cup of Ukraine – Donetsk – Day II – Workshops

The next day I got up early to brush up my workshop notes. Even though I am a native Russian speaker I’ve never taught in Russian before (only Hebrew and English) and I wanted to make sure I don’t waste time during the workshops trying to recall terms and expressions.
My apartment was located in the city center, a short drive from the workshops venue. I enjoyed the ride across Kalmius. The river was completely frozen, and it was fun to watch occasional people crossing it by foot.
The workshops were held at the Youth Arts Palace, a huge building with lots of dance studios, dressing rooms and a big theater, where the competition and the gala concert were held later on.

I caught a glimpse of Elena Ramazanova’s high energy lezginka drum solo, and then taught my first workshop - Sombati variations with sagat. Then Gulden Fatkula from Kazakhstan taught the most beautiful choreography to Warda’s Tab Wana Mali. And then me again teaching Turkish Roman fundamentals to an upbeat song. After I finished I caught a taxi back home to prepare for yet another party that deserves a post of its own!