Feb 21

IV Oriental Cup of Ukraine – Donetsk – Day II – Party - Part I

The party was held at a restaurant with traditional Ukrainian food and décor styled after a Ukrainian khutor (farmstead). As I entered through the massive doors I was greeted by our host Solokha. Solokha is a very colorful and slightly naughty character from one of the most famous stories of Nikolai Gogol “Christmas Eve”, a witty witch, in a “bint el balad” kind of way LOL Solokha offered me a Brüderschaft shot of vodka and only then let me through. Throughout the evening she entertained us with her jokes and hilarious games with the audience. She also turned out to be an amazing saxophone player, playing among other songs 7:40 and Hava Nagila!
Partying with Solokha and her magic saxophone!

After Solokha’s welcome Aleksei showed me to our table with an astounding amount of scrumptious appetizers. I am omitting the pictures of the table only because you will find enough food imagery through this post. Trust me, there were many kinds of salo there, delicate seledka (herring), all sorts of pickles ( yummy pickled tomatoes, that always make me wonder why they are common only in East Europe and didn’t break into Western cuisines???), kholodets (jelled meat, mmmm) and much more!

ETA: Hell no, I decided to go for a tease and show you the appetizers.
Yummy appetizers!

Of course I made sure to taste from every dish, but then I was also careful not to get too full since I ordered something very special! One of my favorite foods of all times: borsch!!!

Allow me to present you with the borsch guide graciously shot by Zhanna Denisova! Thank you Zhanna, for following my whims!
So first you order borsch of course. Then you spot a tiny plate with cute little bombs on it. These darlings are called tovkach, they are basically another kind of salo LOL, lard mixed with tons of garlic, fresh herbs and salt. You put one into your mouth and savor the explosion of flavors! Then you grab a piece of rye bread and spread tovkach over it. Not thinly please! You are in Ukraine, treat yourself the same way you’d treat your guests! You take a bite and at the same time spoon the borsch… Ahhhhhhh… You are in heaven now! Your taste buds thank you and you thank Aleksei for making this dream come true. Lastly, don’t forget to check out other people’s plates and plan in advance your next gastronomical conquest!

And now I’m ready! Or at least I thought I was ready for anything, but, boy, was I wrong!

To be continued…